Sorry I Will Not Be A Prostitute

cause I heard some terrible things about prostitution

No offense intention cause I'm friends with some of them.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2011

Its a really good decetion you made. Im still an student but I do really wonder why would people do that for living. what would they tell to their kids & even if they dont want kids then how come they live when they are old. I deeply think that any girl who is doing prostitution was never wish to become a prostitude at first. So I respect you because you did the right thing even if your circumstances might push you to that way. Hang on friend. Even if you die, dont ever walk on that way.Thanks

honey violence in the home outstrips violence against prostitutes....they have pimps to protect them....lets face it many married women are unpaid prostitutes is an open secret that a great many married women prefer another mans **** to thier husbands...mine included...i think being a female escort would be the life as they get the best of all worlds....