I 'm So Young, It's Scary To Think About

Number 1 it's crazy to think of me being one since I'm so young. I mean, I know there out there, but... it's just scary to think it.

I can think of a hundred things that come to mind when I think of the word "prostitute." Some random, some obvious. 

Just looking at this group profile picture made me think of how cold it is at night. Leaning forward on the sidewalks in half naked outfits in rain, sleet, or snow. The way I'm always cold, laying in a bed would be like a blessing for me even though I wouldn't enjoy what was to follow.

You don't know what nasty disease they would bring to bed and give to you. Then you find out you have AIDS.

That dirty feeling you couldn't scrub away.

Feeling used and being told your "cheap" and "worthless."

I'd kill myself. :/

Just think that guy could be the next Jack The Ripper. 0.0 Imagine all the psychopath's's prostitutes bring to bed. The abusers, rapists, maybe even some child molesters here and there. 

Then again, I'd become pretty psychotic too. I'd probably kill him in his sleep. ;) 

Evil Haley...(muuuuuaaaahhhh) ;P
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Jan 14, 2012