Nor A Drug Dealer

Nor an illegal gun dealer, nor a thief, nor a hitlady, nor anything's gonna get me diseased, sentenced to prison, or killed. So EP, you can look forward to my free short stories for a while. At least until i hit a lotto grand prize, anyway. My rich former gf took me on a two-week cruise twelve years ago. All i can say is oo la la, baby! As soon as i can afford it, off i go again. Eating, eating, loving, eating, eating, eating, loving, loving, eating, loving, loving, loving, loving, eating, eating, huh? what? Did they say Home Port? Already?! Well, baby, let's go book another one before the lines get too long... aaahhh, if this ain't the life!
eleanorssong eleanorssong
56-60, F
Mar 19, 2012