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Throughout my young life I have befriended people from all backgrounds, I'm not very judgemental. From the lbg community, college students, working class, rich, poor, etc. I have seen enough in life to know better than to sell myself. I have been legally working since the age of 15, also am a very talented artist be it literary or visual. and am college educated.
There's too many risk factors in sex work, the main being stds unwanted pregnancies. I also am not very sexual, I would have to really like/know/love the person I have intercourse with. I can not fathom the thought of having sex with more than one person in a day or even a weeks time. there are certain things that I would never do sexually to a stranger. however i wouldn't mind being a dominatrix and kicking men's ***** for the hell of it....
just the thought of some strange man looking at me lustfully is utterly disgusting in my eyes. but i know people who have been prostitutes and even knew a guy who's mother was a prostitute and died from aids. i've even been around gay male prostitutes. the sex industry is a disgusting vile and lascivous industry where it's workers suffer more than any of the money could compensate for. their ideas of relationships and sex is distorted, they become emotionally detached or even depressed. most people i have met who were sex workers, had low self esteem and could only see the monetary gain.
I also believe that some people enjoy sex so much that they would just go into **** or prostitution because it seems so easy to them. but i could never see myself doing any of those things simply because I know better.I've had pimps and hoes trying to recruit me when i was 19, I would be walking somewhere running an errand such as to the bank to cash my check and some girl or guy would walk up on me flashing a wad of money saying that they are going shopping. I'm very blunt with people whether i know them or not i cut to the point, and say "that's nice I hope you h ave fun shopping for new clothes, I dont have time i have to cash my check im on lunch break at my job" after I mentioned having a job the girl drifted off into the crowds of millions of people walking in times square.
Another experience, I was at a chinese restaurant eating lunch and was talking on the phone, this fat dirty looking black man came in and started flashing money at me and i told him to back the **** up because the police are outside and imnot afraid to tell them to arrest him. i even threatened this creep...whatever i said worked and he ran out of the store. being an attractive female is even worse, and from experience i know that I am an attractive female. creeps from the **** industry even tried to recruit me on my way home from work while i was living in LA,CA. Los Angeles was the first place i witnessed seeing real pimps and hoes walk the *****.I have been very unhappy that people would try to put me in a path of self defilement based on my appearance. Unknown to them is my intellect and i would like to regard myself also as being too intelligent to be a prostitute. it's sad but you have to be smart to survive this world as woman. You have to set goals aspirations and limitations and never subject yourself to possible iminent death.
Times Square in nyc might seem like a great tourist spot, but what i have learned while living out there is it also the old location of prostition dating as far back as the 80's. It's fronted as being clean but at night you can still see it, women jumping in cars with men with an inconspicuous pimp standing on the corner, watching his investment. the thought of what that woman does to make money and then the fact that she hands it over to a man is even more tragic. prostitution is wrong, but i guess there will always be women out there that will do it and men who will buy it. in my eyes they both are suckers for temtation. with that being said I WOULD NEVER BE A PROSTITUTE.
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WOW! You are going to LOOOVE to read this (excert from the link www.experienceproject.com/stories/Believe-In-Love/3201167 ):

"I am not sad at all that sex has lost its 'WOW' factor for me, not at all. I am glad. But then people are so silly and narrow minded, because in their little heads sex is l*ck*ng, m*st*rbating and p*n*trating... Sex is many, many things. Sex is an noble Art, not a slapping of flesh, sex is the manifestation of our essence, sensualiy and humanity to someone you wish to have intimacy. And intimacy does not start when you open your legs, intimacy starts with a look, a discussion, a shared secret... I feel blessed, I believed and I have always found what I believed in the end."

" I don't enjoy picking up random women at a creeky, slightly dodgy bar and then object myself to a night of unloving, cold, awkward relations which ends with a cigarette in my hand and a chunk out of my soul. "

Diane didn't need to be a *****. But she loved selling her *** in Times Square.Sometimes Iwas her pimp and sometimes I was her rival. Most nights I sucked more ***** than her but she made more money. We loved Times Square.

lmfao that's a damn shame, seriously.

I too know females who prostituted themselves, and right now they aren't doing too well in the mental department. I stay away from them because of their lifestyle. I find it to be emotionally draining to sell yourself , put a price tag on something that is priceless. I just can't get down with having sex with multiple men there's too many diseases and life threatening circumstances that surround the idea. Plus if nobody else does, I love myself more than a couple of dollars. Even if I have to be poor, I try my best to stick my moral, sexual and spiritual codes. Im not perfect, no, but I am far from sexual perversion. I think there is a fine line between making love and just ******* like rabbits with anybody for some man made paper that so called affords to basic needs in life.

many of females I do know that are like that are just money hungry, with no ambition or real goals in life, I had one person tell me they don't know where they are going in life , why they are still alive and that they don't even know who they are anymore. to me that's sad, because I knew this person before she became this way.

Sorry you think its a shame. What does imfao mean ?

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