I Don't Think It Would Be An Easy Way to Live..

It is so dangerous to begin with. I wonder if many women turn to prostitution because they are supporting a drug habit or do they develop a drug habit after the fact? I'm sure there are some women who do it to support their families, when they could really just be a ********. I imagine some others have sex addictions or were so horribly abused as children that sex like that is all they know how to do to 'make it right' in their head. (run on sentace anyone?)  I'm gald that I've been through some hard times but never turned to this. I have given too much of myself to those that don't desereve it and that stems from my own sexual abuse.

I say work hard on your deep issues, especially from childhood. Dig up the old wounds and clean them out. If you do not go back to heal, those memories and situations will haunt you to the grave and perhaps beyond. Be good to one another and stay away from drug dealers

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My wife and I have both been prostitutes.. so I can't say I wouldn't want to be one. At first we said it was a one time thing, who were we kidding. The sex is one thing but then you do it just for the money. Or the drugs or the rent. We've both ****** for things like that. I've pimped her and drove her to her 'dates'. I love it when some john puts money in my hand and she loves it when she's gotten cash or a gram of coke because I've sucked some guys ****.

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I like your post and I do not think selling sex, when it involves two consenting adults only, is the worst thing in the world. In reality, when sex happens in the context of love and respect between two consenting adults, it can be a beautiful thing but it is not the only way to experience sex and explore one's sexuality. Relationships, partnerships are fraught with all kinds of financial incentives, arrangements, and dependencies, that we like to believe do not impact our romantic decisions, they do significantly. Sometimes I think seeing sex in the context of a cut and dry transaction, exchanged for money disturbs us because it is not what we want to believe about relationships, the culture is still caught up in the romance of sex. <br />
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However, I do think that pimps who steal the profit from prostitutes and underage girls forced to work in the sex industry are extremely problematic, these two aspects are the dark and ugly side of prostitution.

I agree 100% we have to remember love and physical sex are different things, I am male, and when I was made redundant I considered escort work but I knew I just couldn't do it without help from drugs and so No It's not for me.

this is a generalization, I am A PTO Mom, an Ex Home maker, I rarely drink, do not touch illegal substances, I am also a prostitute, I work day in and day out with Prostitutes, I also work in a drug free brothel, why I am there is not out of some deep seated pain, not out of sexual abuse, we all sell and buy sex and companionship, dates, movies, flowers, candy its all a means to that end. We also all sell parts of our body in our work duties, when I was training horses, I was selling my mind, skills, and body, when I was plumbing, much the same, some are there for empowerment, like a woman I know who was sold for meth as a child, now days shes in control, she keeps the money, others I know, shes there because she wants to be a Dr, and she is a beauty, shes already passed her ACTS, and had a good enough GPA, just wants to go to a good school, she also rarely drinks. What about the drug abusing movie stars and actors, don't see near as many folks wondering why they do it, We are lucky at ours, we have a good owner for our brothel, we are treated with respect, this is a profession that needs legalized, and workers rights enforced to stave off the issues, and the generalizations

Really appreciate your insight. While I have never been with a prostitute I work in an area that they frequent. Unlike your situation these ladies have to stand around the streets and get approached by some really rough looking people and get into every type of vehicle you can imagine. I see them with black eyes and missing teeth and know they have a very tough life for whatever reason they chose it.

You seem to have it worked out pretty well but there must still be risks you are taking with your health, I have no grudge with your profession as they say 'the oldest profession in the world' and I think you probably reduce crime by removing some peoples sexual frustration, stay safe. and good luck.

Its sad to see girls working for the wrong reason. It can be a trap in the job to pick up a drug habit even though you may not have had one before. I did this for a while. I had more money and free time and started to use coke recreationally. I started to use it to help get in the mood for work and also was given it by clients. It became very habit forming. I got clean though and still work as I've got goals I want to achieve. I'm saving to pay off a mortgage and love to travel. My job helps me do this.

good luck with that, and stay safe.