a little wooden box with my christian name inscribed on it that was made for me by P before our third date - the first thing anyone had made me by hand

a bookmark

a little straw doll that my 15 year old cousin bought me just before he died

my silver ring - inscribed with Pences Pour Moi D.V and bought for me at the Globe Theatre, a replica of one found during Shakespeare's time.

my grandmother's eternity ring and my other grandmother's gold watch

my photo of my little Ullya and a group one taken my first year in Romania

Photos of my family

A butterfly bracelet I was bought two years ago

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (the book that made me fall in love with reading)

Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce (my old copy with a million notes inside)

Kafka's Short Stories

Baudelaire's poetry

Yeats' poetry (my broken spined, written all over and dog eared copy)


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Wow.. thats really awful! :-(<br />
<br />
I'm so sorry for you.

I am sorry to hear that your cousin died so young and its wonderful to include the doll he gave you.

ooh this is a good idea girl!