I Had a Box...

A special box, full of precious things. It was the only thing of mine that was taken when we were burgled at Christmas. I dont know why they chose that. They could have taken anything else, but alas...


The box itself was a jewelery box that my grandmother had passed down to my mother, who then gave it to me. It was Mother of Pearl, only small, lined with red velvet, the bits of stone aranged to make a beautiful pattern.

Inside was the pearl earrings I got for my 18th birthday, and the Diamond ones I got for my 16th.

A necklace made for me by a young girl I met in Israel

Nails from the shoes of all the horses Ive ever loaned or trained

Wooden earrings my stepdad carved for me

the necklaces my grandmother got me for my communion and confirmation

a gold chain with a sapphire pendant my dad bought me back from Sri Lanka

A gold necklace with a dark sapphire and twelve diamonds my ex got me

a gold necklace with a big rose pendant my ex got me

the engagement ring my dad gave to my mum

a ring my ex got me

a peice of paper a girl, who would later become my best friend, passed me in school, with 'id miss you' scrawled on it



and a million other things that we precious to me.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
4 Responses Feb 10, 2009

thanks, its sad but theres nothing to be done. and i still have memories

I'm sorry to hear that your box was stolen when it contained such precious gifts. :-(

the earrings and necklaces my ex's got me could be bought again, but the ones my stepdad made, and the things passed down from my grandmother will never be replaced. its ******. x

it sucks. but i guess they were only things.<br />
<br />
im normally not that sentimental about possessions, they are just ob<x>jects.... but still, it sucks. a lot. x