Goodbye Mr. Wrong... Won't Be Seeing You No More...........*smile*

It has taken me 14yrs. to rid myself of of the meanest people i have known.... My husband! I knew i had made a terrible mistake in marrying this man...why?.... On our Wedding night he wanted to hang with his friends then ...come to bed with his wife! Hell of a start, don't you think?!

I wish i could keep up with my thoughts and keyboard here..... so much confusion, pain, thoughts swimming too fast through my mind.... anyway, so after 14yrs. i am on the road to rid myself of him forever! The order of protection turned into a 2yrs contract.
After the Judge yesterday saw a pinch of him and his ways... Mouth.... i was blessed with more time. The final court date for the divorce is Sept. 24th. That day i will soar!!!!!!!! 

I have lost myself during these years. Do you have any idea what it takes to keep a madman still and happy! The price i paid.... i don't think there is going to be a return or refund.....
I have changed so much in these 14yrs that ...i quess i will remake...ME! Different thoughts to actions. I know... it's easier said then done.... but what i am going through right now... I can do anything! yup, no doubt about it!

I feel good like i knew i would! SOOOO, ahhhhh.............

I will be stronger, happier, safer, maybe more loving and sex *wink.... All i know is being Alone, on my own, is worth its weight in gold.... then being with the wrong man!
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People have been literally put into the ground by being with the wrong person, but people have soared to great heights by being with the right person.
Now that you are free of the wrong person for a few years, you might want to consider being with the right person.

I really understand how one person can make your life hell. Good on you for having the courage to get out, Great to hear you are so much happier now :)

19 mos later... i have survived, got some scars and alittle crispy around the edges but... hmmm i made it! oh... also applying what i did learn... for future use! *smile*

Barbara, hmmm *smile* here it is 3 months later, i reread my own feelings here. I did go, go, go.... I am soooo much better these days. It seems to be much longer ago than just a few months. Alot has gone down, i am single now and my spirit is taking off, learning to soar! Lordy.... i have made it. There were days i cried from morning to bed but... those days are gone too. I am so proud of myself, wish i knew i could of done this yearS ago... i would of!!!! Glad you too have helped yourself, got out, with children too... against the odds. Thank you. Have a good day!

I know exactly what you are going through. How afraid I was. He demeaned me every chance he got. Called me names in front my children. I left after 17 years, because I didn't want to be a quiter. Also, I remember my Mother saying, 'if you make your bed, then you must lie in it'. Not true. Glad you got out. You'll be afraid at first, but then go, go, go.

Berbuletta, it's only the beginning. I, myself can't wait to see what is ahead.... kinda excited and scared all rolled up into one! Thanks

StarliteRose, nice name! Thanks. There is this light-hearted feeling i have now. Sure different problems in exchange but no way worse than any of the 14yrs i lived.... for real too! He still is trying me, drives by and calls my friends.... it ain't over yet.... i mean i am "Totally" over him but he will keep trying to get a rise from me...but no way! I am smarter than the average bear! *smile* one step ahead going backward.

This post made me smile so much--congratulations on losing that loser darlin'!

JustLoveMe, every day is better than the day before!!!! *smile* i am proud of myself finally!<br />
<br />
GivenTake, yup, can't go back.... hey, just because i was one way allll of my life, it doesn't mean i have to be like that for the rest of my life! *smile*

Adapt and adjust is my motto. You can't go back and change things, but you can always start a new beginning. My best to you.....

Shyirishrose, Thanks! I am telling you here and now that there isn't anything easy about ...stand alone. But on the other hand.... i have no one talking to me like a child(i'm 53) Nope, no more yelling and correcting me on the simply things, scared to death that he will "get in my face" thingy again. Soooo, i am happy i am going through this! My nerves are raw but my spirit is just about to...soar! *smile* <br />
Yeah, you think hard and long on...whats happening to you! I feel i have missed out in those 14yrs. I wish it on no one!<br />
Take care and Blessings to you.

Im going through the same thing. My husband of 10 years is severly insane abusive and just mean and nasty. I walk on eggshells every day. He cheats on me all the time. once with my best friend. Ive lost everything and i never feel safe. I read ur story and am so happy 4 u. ur gona be free! Ur brave to get away. Everyone says just leave. They dont understand how hard it is to get away. U will be happy and have a better life and i wish u all the best!