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I'm in a 10 year relationship feeling lost he's verbally aggressive if u say the wrong thing, so I'm always watching what i say. he wont ever hit me never has but he gets mad easy and I'm young and dint want to spend the rest of my life in regret. I have left once before but stupid me came back because he said things got better. I know I should have known better but I didn't listen to my heart i went with my head. He got better for almost 2 years then we had are second child and its as if everything came back. I'm not married but because of 2 kids I feel they need there father. Not someone acting as there father. Sounds kinda dumb I'm sure. But I fight back now because of our kids. Its hard though I don't work I stay with the kids and I'm trying to get my education done so i can go to college so I can take care of our kids. But some times I feel I would rather be alone than with the wrong person!
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This is just my personal opinion, but it is better for children to have divorced to separated parents , instead of two parents under one roof that constantly fight and argue in abusive ways.It shakes up the environment and makes the complete family unstable. So my suggestion ba<x>sed on my personal experience as a child with "divorced"parents.... I think you should hurry up and get your education done as fast as possible, get a job, work a bit to save up, and get out of there with your children, and make a contract with him to make sure he still gets to see the kids and do his part, and if he doesn't cooperate, take him to court with that contract and get the court to force him to pay and etc... If children see their father disrespect their mother, they will lose respect and misbehave as they grow. <br />
While your home caring for your kids, try getting hired as a babysitter/afterschool babysitter at your house to make some money, but you can't let your husband know about your savings. You need to do this for yourself and your children. They deserve to be happy and see you happy. You don't need someone bringing you down.