I Would Rather Be Alone Than Be With The Wrong Person

I am a 28 year old single mother and and I am in my 3rd year of celibacy. I am sick and tired of hearing about women who put their libido before the welfare of their children. Parading an endless string of stepdaddys, uncles and mommys special friends in front of their children. I refuse to do that! My daughter and I are doing just fine by ourselves. Now dont get me wrong, I havent given up on finding love. I have simply put my comittment to finding the right person for US ahead of finding someone right now. How am I sopposed to teach my daughter that she is whole and doesnt need a man to complete her if I am always on the prowl looking for somebody? How can I demonstrate to her that her body is a gift and her sexuality is something that should be treasured if I'm constantly giving mine away?
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It so obvious that you are a great Mom, your daughter is so lucky. Keep being strong!!

It is a greater catastrophe to have an unfaithful friends than to lose them...

From a guy's perspective,There are lots of guys out there who would love to find someone who already has a child so that they could have someone they can love and someone they can care for. Personally I would love to have a child enter my life and make my life worth something more than money and success. The question for you is, are you ready for a relationship? Are you ready to trust again and have them enter you and your daughter's life? To have them love you both and start a family together? Regardless of the child factor the relationship game remains the same, if you are not ready or willing it just won't work. In my experience it's just as hard on the guy during this kind of relationship. Unlike a common break up, the guy has to get over you and the child he's come to love as his own.Give yourself a chance and that special someone a chance, your daughter will be happier for it.<br />
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Amen sister! I was celibate for a long time (maybe 7 years) when my children were young. I was working full-time and I dedicated my life to making sure that they were happy and had a mom available. I did come from an abusive background, so exposing them to strange men didn't seem wise at all. Aside from that, unless I meet someone I really connect with, I'd rather be alone anyhow. Looking back, I see I made the right choice. My children are adults now. They are happy and successful. They went through their own learning experiences, and they grew into wonderful human beings. I feel I did the right thing. I think that you are too.

your such a strong women. More women should be like you. Ur daughter will grow up and be as smart and bright as her mommy. Im glad there are women out there who believe this. I know you will find the right man for you and your daughter.

i wish more people thought like you. maybe then std's would be less. and women more confident in themselves. less kids molested and sexually abused. oh and maybe more men would start to respect their women more also.

Amen to that too many girls let every guy they date be in there kids life.I am a single mom to a 4yrold son.I don't wanna waste my time on guys who will not luv mE and my son and luv us both.take care best of luck