That's Why I'm Still Single..

I just didn't want to have a boyfriend just to have a boyfriend like most of the people around 13/14.
And I still think it's kind of stupid to be with the wrong person.
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17 Responses Feb 19, 2008

Love this type of attitude. Keep it up! (:
You value yourself <3

im indeed a career oriented lady and i do believe that SINGLE is sexy! No hassle at all and im enjoying it much.

You are right. It really is stupid to be with somebody just to be with somebody. there is no need to be in a relationship that is bad or fulfilling. For me there is nothing wrong with being single sometimes. Its better for me to be single than to be in a relationship that is driving me up the wall. ha ha

I was the same way when I was 13 to 14..I wasn't even really into guys at the time though that I think of it I've never been boy crazy ever lol my mom even told me that around that age and I'm still like that in ways..Now that I'm getting older though I would like to meet someone I click with..

enjoy life while ur single..there is many things to do or to explore...goodluck

Agree with you... Most of my friends have a boyfriend but i just prefer to wait for Mr.right. My heart is till whole, i dont want it to be broken in pieces. Just live Your life as best as you can and one day you will find the right but not perfect person.


I agree with your attitude, and I see the other side of the coin, too; I will never become involved with a woman who is holding on to 'second best' while she is waiting for 'Mr. Right." I would always be waiting for her to find someone better.

You are way too young to worry about that. Trust me. You'll have plenty of time after college to deal with relationships. My best advice to you, from personal experience, is concentratre on building the foundations of your life first with education. Then, trust me, you can have all the relationships you want or not. You're choice always!

righ on. thats good wait until your ready for oone and the love will be easier to understand. talk as much as you can watch out and have fun.

I agree with Emerald you are very wise for your age. Just stay positive and confident and the right person will find you if that is what you want. If you don't want to be with anyone then more power to you.

i'm in the same place, only as a guy. i don't care for half-full glasses. i either really want to be in the relationship or just let it be. that does not mean i dont let someone prove my opinion and feelings about them to be misplaced. but i've been alone for 2 years now on that principle. and it feels comfortable knowing i dont have to find reasons for actions i didn't think through or for things i didnt really feel like doing. i feel no pressure that way. just sometimes a bit lonely...

I have been married then lived with two woen in two long affairs and each time I have felt the cold hands of indifference that grows in a relationship because both of us was too scared of NOT living with the other. In the early weks, months it is a good way of being together all the time. I think that every affair I have had is finished when I have tried to explain that we shouldnt live together. A woman will not accept that living together will only end in tears one day. A man who is frightened to prefer his own space in case he ends up alone in that space. A woman would think about why her man would want to live away from her and most women almost always end up in being suspicious about his motives. So nothing works.

I know, I was with someone for a veeerryy long time just not to be alone and it was definitly not the right person.

That's awesome. I'm not even looking for a girl. I never have. I don't need one just to have one.

i know exactually how you feel and that is the reason i havent dated anyone (well i did date someone once but that was just one time) im waiting for mr right to ask me out not Mr Cheap or Mr Lazy (I've had a bunch of them)

YOu have more wisdom here than most older ADULTS I know! :) Good for you! You might not find Mr. Perfect, but it sounds like you're on the road to Mr. Right!!