Not Me.

i think you have to be with all the wrong people to truly know that you are with the right person in the end. every person you are with gets you a step closer to the person you are ment to be with. you have to be ready for them when they are ready for you, and your dating history and life experiences are what make you ready. so i welcome all the wrong ones, they are my stepping stones as i am theirs.


"god blessed the broken road that led me straight to you. "          

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i disagree some people tend to always have bad relationships and its never ending cycle then their are those people who maybe have one great relationship in their life or few. I don't plan on having bad relationships thats why its important to be with someone that makes me feel good as person, I have too many problems in my life to create more by being with someone that is toxic to my well being<br />
<br />
if they don't want a smooth sailing relationship and we dont get along I dont want them on my walking path .

You are very insightful for your age! good going! someone wise passed that wisdom to you, huh?<br />
You are SO right about that! It would just be nice if it didn't take half your life to find them! lol!

I agree with you <br />
"god blessed the broken road that led me straight to you. " <br />
What a beautiful statement - I used "all the men I ever met were the steps that made the staircase to you" I prefer yours.<br />
<br />
However as one gets older wisdom sets in and then you get to actually recognising what I call "The first step" after a while you see the first step coming and because you now know where it will lead you can make the choice to take it or not - I have found that recognising the first step can after a while - after an accumulation of life experience - allow you to make decisions that are so accurate you almost appear psychic. Thanks for your disertation.

i think it is possible to learn from other peoples mistakes, but in matters of your heart there could never be a way of comparing yours to someone elses. so i dont think it is possible to learn from other peoples relationships... if that is what you were getting at.<br />
i try not to think of lessons that i learn in relationships as hard, i think of each one as a way of bettering myself and becoming a well rounded individual. <br />
i just dont think we can walk up to our soul mates having no relationship experience and be ready for them. plus... how do you know if you like the car if you dont take it for a little test drive first... ( ;

I understand what you are saying, but I try to learn from the mistakes of others. I mean, why should I have to learn every lesson the hard way?