I Am Tired People Always Make Fun Of Me!!

well its annoying when people make fun of you because i am single way too long,not only my friends,my family even they say probably i am lesbian! should i kissing guys,doing sex etc to prove them i am normal girl! i know that act should be stupid and lame.and i will never do it too..they make me sad really sad, i dont want to be single too, who want it?! i know i never had kissing,hugs,etc i always focus on my study,my life and what i want to be the next on my life, rather than have relationship with someone, so is it weird for them?! why dont they understand my self, i know probably i am too emotional but i am tired people always make fun of me thats not funny at all. i have feeling too. i know i spent almost of my teenage for achieve on my life trying something new etc, but why they always make fun of me its not only first time but mostly a lot of time! i need more patient about them..i just want waiting right one for me rather than force my self to have relationship with someone i didnt have feeling at all. i never fall in love with someone never ever on my life..if you asked me interested with guys? well i am interest with them but not more. i dont know how is that feel fall in love with someone with all your heart. sometime i ever think it is not fair, you behave good but they take it wrong.
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Mikanippon and charlotte83709, and LeftlyLonely all are giving you good advice in my opinion. Considering that on average half the people pushing you to get into a relationship will end up in divorce; their advice may not be the best. Being much older; I have seen many people get into relationships in their teens and early 20's only to find that mistook infatuation for love and end up hurting themselves and others because of the rush to find "the one", so they would not be alone. <br />
Really like Charlotte's comment, that age is a relative concept when talking about matters of the heart.

Please do not let what others think try to control you. You are you....and no one knows you better than yourself. You are headed in the right direction. You know what you want. You know when you will be ready for love and you will know when you meet the right person. You are your own person that will control your own life at your own pace. Be strong!