I have been single for my whole life. Never had a girlfriend. Never asked a girl out. Never had a date. You get the picture.

I don't know why I have never tried. I have seen my love ones go through relationships and seeing that makes me hesitant to even try. My brother has had some hard relationships. My Uncle has been divorced. My parents always seem to be fighting. So yeah I have seen so many negatives when it comes to relationships that makes me go I don't want that. What if I turn into that. What if this happens. It's scary. Then you hear about people cheating. And it's like why would you subject yourself to something like that. Granted I know I am not perfect. I am far away from perfect. But something about just seeing negatives just makes you not want to go into something you aren't sure about.

Which is even made weirder when you get lonely. You wish for this and you wish for that. It's a mixed bag. So confusing. So frustrating. So complicated. Love can be like that I guess.
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It is a mixed bag and there is bad and good in it, but the experience of love is what life is all about. You probably feel somewhat safe in your house, or in a particular room in your house. Imagine your life 50 years from now if you never ventured out.
Think of all the sights and sounds that you would have missed out on. At that point in time there would be no way to make up for all you have lost. So it will be with love. You are right to be cautious, but be open to giving and receiving. Why else are we here?
Enjoy life and reach out to others.

But sadly, to live the way you are, you are missing out on life..

Consider this.. car accidents happen, so does that mean, you will never drive, just because the possibility of an accident is there? Air planes crash, and so does that mean you will never fly anywhere? To live that way cuts you off from the possibilities of life and opportunity that are out there.

Relationships don't always work out, but when they do, they are worth all the gold in the world. Had your parents not taken that would not be here.

Sometimes you just need to take that leap of faith - you'll meet the right person and then take that chance. Love can be very complicated and not all butterflies & dreams. There are ups & downs but there are in any relationships - even friendships

Thanks that means alot to me.