No Offence To Anyone

as the saying goes" nice guys do infact finish last. thats so true. Women don't seem to like or want nice guys. Women seem to be attracted to arrogant ignorant selfish PRs. Being always nice, polite kind and caring to women, they dont seem to want that. I wish i could treat women like crap. Lost almost 20 years of my life to one. Yet guys out there are able to pickup and dump chicks left right and centre...
36-40, M
8 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I think you are looking in the wrong direction... sure bad boys may be fun to play with... if you are just looking to play. But real women who want real men don't look at the bad boys. We want someone stable and honest. Don't give up... the right person will come along.

A real woman does not allow that and can walk away, that is why they are rare. You just haven't met a real woman, not all nice guys finish last... head up babe

In my case... I dont get nice guys with manners.. They are liers,cheaters,sexoffenders,lazy,dirty,srinky ones

huh... ? ... I agree with "jakiesieber" My way of thinking is that bad boys... start out all sweet and nice... then they suck you into their world and then their true colors come out..omg.. it's too nice girls just get... dumbfounded, can't see the way out... till the light comes on. Soooo when a truly nice guy comes along... it scares the crap out of them. maybe..hmmm?

I like nice guys, but I have to be attracted to them, or it won't work. I was married to a nice guy for 20 years who was wonderful to me. It didn't work out, but I certainly appreciated having a wonderful man like that who was good to me. I have dated hot guys that were jerks, thought they were ok until I got to know them. NEXT! I think the women that are dating these jerks aren't quality women. Why would they settle for that? No self esteem maybe. I know I deserve more-the whole package.

It may be true, cause men don't like nice girls either. But would being a "bad guy" make you the person you want to be? If these women are into douche bag men, do you even WANT a woman like that? Every person is wildly complicated and varied, it takes a while to find the perfect one and it seems like they are all crappy at times. But just wait and you may find a woman worth your time. lol

Yeah it's very true. You get what you give really. And if you aren't getting treated properly then leave and find someone who will. Lol

Ain't that the truth. Those close to you just take it all for granted without giving-no maintenance required. Then there are people in public who look at you as if you're some kind of creep for simple random acts of kindness, a nice remark, or for just acting like a gentleman.

if the person isnt a nice person i will never give them the chance if i want people to treat me like im unloved and put me down i would go spend time with my dad and his side of the family