Stop. Stop. Stop!

This is my first time sharing an experience here so, hi!

I am so mad right now. My friends kept mocking me and my friend during the whole night "ah, you should date, blablabla" today they were so irritating and they passed out of their limits. They kept with this during the whole F-ing night and dammit =/ They have no idea how annoying this can be. I don't like my friend with that kind of "like". He is like a girl to me. No feelings at all. Yet they keep up with the mocking. I know this is stupid and tomorrow I won't even care anymore, but right now I am so sad ._. I felt like I was 6 and just wanted to go home. I know this is a bit stupid. I just wanted to write my feelings down... I don't like him at all and sometimes even as a friend I don't like him. I really don't like him that way and I just want them to stop saying these things. Stop. Stop.
I dream about finding my soulmate someday and it's NOT him. It's so weird but I feel insulted when they compare my future amazing boyfriend with that friend. ._______. Specially because I know him since we here 6. I feel like they're mocking me with my brother! Arghhh!
Loreen27 Loreen27
18-21, F
Jan 10, 2013