I Just Wish My Cousin Would Think This Way

She's dating this guy who..well let's just say gets a lot of attention from other girls..I, personally, don't see it, but so many girls think he is absolutely gorgeous..Also, he is very social and, in my eyes, very flirtatious.. She, on the other hand, is not very social nor flirtatious, but gets the cold shouder when her boyfriend thinks she is flirting with some other guy. She gets very insecure about it and paranoid..To the point where she starts to feel sick..That's insane, right?!?! Apparently, he doesn't do much to help her either..He constantly hints he wants her to lose weight..and she's not even overweight!! She is soooo insecure now..and she's the kind of girl most girl get jealous of because trust me, she gets just about every guys' attention. I get jealous when I'm with her..I mean here she already has a boyfriend and I'm single, but when we go out, she's the one guys go after..So I think it has to do with the guy she's dating on why she is so insecure..Of course, there may be other factors, but I think the boyfriend is the main one. They have been dating for over three years now, and seriously the longer they date, the worse she gets..I just wish she realized that she needs to let him go and wait for someone who makes her actually feel better about herself..But she's at the point where she thinks that he's the only guy who will date her. She's so damaged right now, and won't try to take a chance. It's sad to watch..
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I think this is one of those things she may have to learn on her own. Because when we as in women are in love a lot of things become cloudy and we tend not to think straight. Exactly how old is your cousin? and how old is her boyfriend? Sometimes as well no matter how much we try to help our friends or family in need, they are going to end up doing what they want to do. At the end of the day all you can do is let her know you love her and that you are there for her.

I get what you mean. I used to try and make her see things differently, but I finally realized she needs to see it herself in her own time. The problem is she is always talking about how she wants to get married before she's 23 and she's 19. I feel like she mainly cares about the timing in all of this and is never going to see things clearly..He's 21 by the way.