The Dealbreaker Called Respect

If somebody cannot treat you with respect
Then that somebody is really nobody.
You spend time with them
Love them
Invest a good part of your life in them
Only to not be valued and respected.
Or treated like that the best you gave meant nothing.
There can be no love without respect
There can be no real soul connection
Nor a physical connection that feels complete.
I wont lay down my dignity
To love someone who cannot give it
Or cannot give it to themselves.
I will not lay down my manhood ever again to be trodden on by heartless people.
If you are used to getting what you want then be real.
Dont waste my time because I cant give
What you want to possess.
Because without real respect and understanding
You will not deserve it until you have the humility to apologise and acknowledge you have a flaw which needs fixing
Otherwise please do not waste my time
Id rather be alone than undevalued disrespected
It is just not enough
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9 Responses Feb 24, 2013

Very true

I agree with you! respect is what defines any relation and if you lost it at some point it is almost impossible to get it back

A well written post, from the heart - awesome

:-) (((hugs))) xxx

Very well said. Respect is the key, without it there can be no real trust and I agree, better to be alone then with the wrong person....

Here here. Second that notion

Here here. Second that notion

It's really not that difficult to behave respectfully and to treat the gift of the heart that's been opened to you with care and respect. Sure, people make mistakes or get lazy, but a little acknowledgement goes a long way. Why is this such a foreign concept to some folks?

Few people ever really understand that respect is key.

You are so right. I accepted it for so long because my heart got in the way. I knew it was wrong and have ached all these years. No more...My heart is no longer his. He emotionally tore me to pieces with the disrespect I endured.