Each of Us Have Our Own Life Paths

Encoundered two old friends I haven't heard from in years. And then even a cowoker asks same type of question, "Anyone in your life?" Ironically all three are them are in miserible realtionships.

To place everything out in the open. There is a rare truth and defition of one's self that can be realized rather then one merges one's self with another self. Yes there are some relationships out there that can have a similar effect. Without any external forces you can realize yourself.

For me I'm on a solitary journey seeking to discover understanding, awareness, and truth beyond truth. Spending time mataining a terrible realtionship will only keep me from my goals. If I found an idividual who share a simular Life Path as I and with the rare connections I seek, then perhaps things are different. However, I am learning deattachment. I have great deal to learn, I need all the time I can get!

Maybe those two friends and my coworker will never understand my Life Path, but I do not understand their current ones either.

Azoru Azoru 26-30 5 Responses May 14, 2009

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Sillymoo! That's a great metaphor! Do you mind if I borrow it?

Johnny179, You are making great points. We do learn important lessons and take new directions in life with different relationships. But doesn't that also occur with other relationships types too? Such friends, enemies, acquaintances, strangers, coaches, bad bosses, etc?

Sillymoo is making me hungry now.

I was trying to say sometimes you need a partner to change your path.

I was stuck in a factory for 6 years and wanted to get out of this rut. I broke up with who I thorght was the love of my life and just had to leave the state and I joined the Army. This would not have happened if I did not meet her.

I started writting then about broken hearts and what not because I felt I needed an outlet.

I have broken up with dozens since then Each realtionship has steered me in a different direction.

As the death of a friend of a birth of a child can affect your life these thing are all here for a reason

Close yourself to relationship and thats ok because that is you destiny and if you fall in love tomorow then that is also your destiny. What you do or dont do makes no difference.

Love and peace to all


Wow! There are people who think this way too! Thank you all for your comments! Very great comments! All three of you understand. And the different perspectives as well.

*For me I'm on a solitary journey seeking to discover understanding, awareness, and truth beyond truth.

- I think you're doing great, you're investing in yourself to oneday wake up from the misery of the ego-self... one day everything will pay off and people will wonder why you have a certain glow to you =)

Yes you are right. Everything has a reason. A relationship can also enhance you emotions and understanding not to mention used as an outlet.

I can see you are an educated person and very observant of personalities during a realationship.

Yes if your lifes path is to remain single then there is a reason for it. If your goals are ment to be achieved this way then they will.

Awareness involves observation, feelings, communication, thought process and several other things.

Any time wasted on maintaining a relationship is time well spent.