True Hurts

at a time, i asked a lady out who initially confirmed to me than she is also alone. Unfortunately after i wooed her, she said she lied to me about her being lonely at a time that i  have already given every ounce of my self into her. Now wen isee her i see pain and hurt. i hated the day i asked her out. the times i spent with her left me so empty wen iremmember. Right now, i can not ask another lady out in school cos they believe i'm engaged. So, i'll rather be alone than be with the wrong person who saw me in my innocence and decided to hurt me.

dhiomy dhiomy
22-25, M
1 Response Nov 3, 2009

im sorry that she took advantage of you so, its a shame that there are people like this. <br />
i hope you can get over this person and find someone thats right for you :)