Tonight Is The Night

i`m breaking up with my boyfriend tonight because i don`t think i`m getting the treatment i deserve. when people fail to appreciate us, it gets too personal and damaging to us.

so tonight, i`m letting go of him and all the pains and frustrations he`s causing me. if he fails to see the miracle that i am, it`s his loss, not mine.

we all deserve to be with someone who truly loves us... :)

wish me luck!

YumasP YumasP
5 Responses Feb 27, 2010

thanks artsyD.<br />
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it`s just painful to wake up finding yourself alone in the middle of a cold night. but i know this is a favor i`m doing for myself.<br />
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i appreciate you guys hanging around to encourage me. i was never really good at this things because i used to be very weak and dependent so i really stuck with bad relationships before. but this time, i promise myself that i should be valued and cared for in a relationship because i am a very loving and caring person.<br />
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as for now, i pray that healing would be quick and that true love finds me...

i did it! i broke up with him! but i feel like dying now...

i know how powerful love is and i believe it does transform lives and people so if some people don`t value the love we are capable of giving, they are not worth it---too bad for them!<br />
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thanks for all your encouragements. i know this is not going to be easy so i`m gonna keep on posting especially during the painful moving on process. but as for now, my mind`s made up, i`m taking the plunge! <br />
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and we are meeting in 9 hours!

Good luck, and you're right! The perfect person is out there, and they are worth waiting for! My husband however always says that he's glad my ex was such a massive jerk because by comparisson he looks amazing ;-) good luck for the future :-)

best of luck to you!<br />
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ending a relationship is never easy, but if a guy isn't giving you the treatment you deserve, then getting out is the only thing to do. it's soooo much worse to keep putting time and energy and feeling into a relationship that's going nowhere.<br />
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i'm glad you've made up your mind to take this big step. it may not be easy, but it'll really be worth it in the long run. you'll be saving yourself a lot of heartache.<br />
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all the best xx