Wrong Person, Wrong Move

i would most definatley rather be alone than with the wrong person. I havent had many bad experiences with guys, arent i lucky,?lol i actually have had some but not like when i was actually going out or dating them, no. I've had a couple with certain idiots who thought they could just abuse and vanish but even then i wasnt dating them, they were too stupid to date and am glad i found out how very silly they were before i got into a relationship with them. There is one guy though that i actually liked for a bit, i wasnt with him technically but then we were together a lot so i guess it was an unoffical kind of being together. i gave him my all, and he actually did like me too, we hang out a lot, making out ok, but there was something missing in all that, he never could show his feelings, like when he was with friends and he saw me he still spoke to me but his whole persona was different from when we were alone. It took me a while to figure it out but by the time i understood his attitude i knew that there was a problem. Sometimes i could call him endlessly and then he will call back when he felt like doing so, I could go see him and he will be with friends and he will act like i wasnt even there. He wanted to date me and i said no, for many reasons, cuz  if you were acting like this when we werent official then u sure r gonna do worse when we are official. he was also very domineering and egoistic, every thing about him was in contrast to mine, cuz i like a man who is caring and sensitive. Even the way he kissed conflicted with mine.loool. he  always wanted to set the pace for everything. i finally took the best decision of my life one day and left him for good. told him i couldnt do it again and i was gone. right now i have a man who is a dream guy, hes everything i've ever wanted in a guy, but i also know that i would rather be alone than with the wrong person. The wrong person can make you loose focus and even loose your self esteem, i cant do that, i think being alone is the best option.

Rubyi Rubyi
1 Response Mar 31, 2010

wow. hes 2 good 4 u hun. FORGET THOSE STUPID PPL. they need 2 realize us girls HATE them. yea n i hope 1 of them reads my comment lol. U GO GRL.