I don't like my picture to be taken... at all. I hate my smile and the rest isn't too great either! But I will suffer a few pics, to share with my best pals, Philip and Momo! =p

But I rather be behind the camera, taking pictures! I've always wanted to be an photographer... my mother had bought me an expensive professional camera, when I was 11. She really wanted me to explore something that might turn into a great career as I become an adult. She sacrificed much to get me that camera... but then my birth-father stole it and sold it for drugs. :-/

Anyhoo... I have a digital camera given to me, by my best pal Philip, last year on my birthday! And that has awaken the photo-artist in me, a little. In the last snows here, I took a picture of birds sitting in the snow. It came out well. I thought of cropping out the fence and messy yard of someones home, but changed my mind... thinking that it was better to show the sometimes gritty scenes of my city. It made the photo have more depth to it, I think. It looks like a photo of birds in the snow, in the streets of Philadelphia. If I had cropped it, it would have looked like birds in the snow, in some country forest somewhere... not in the middle of a busy and sometimes messy city.

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1 Response Mar 14, 2009

wow, you seems like me. I hate my picture being taken too... but that maybe because I felt I'm ugly and don't have beautiful smile,..<br />
And I love to take pictures too! :)