I Would Rather Be Living In The Future In Peace

I would rather be living in the future, in peace and harmony with my two girls. I look forward to moving out of the marital home, and into a rented home, and spending time with my girls, not seeing him everyday (god that sounds like Heaven!) i have said to my girls we will have fun and dress up for special dinners etc and just to enjoy life. It's really sad when my teen daughter says to me, "mum, i have never really seen you happy" and you know what she's dead right. She is so clued up for such a young age, as she has seen his treatment of me, and him blame me for everything.

One day i envisage us 3 all being sooooo happy and having girlie evenings, the girls having happy birthdays and Christmas' and i said they can have several friends to sleep over at once. I have made this promise, and the one that was our last Christmas together and next year it will be just us three (Christmas this year 2010)! I can't wait. My teen also has said she will be so proud of me when i meet someone else! What kid says that to their parent? Bless her, I know one day i will meet Mr right, but am in NO HURRY !! i need a lot of time to heal, and to have a fantastic girlie time, just us together!!

wishwing wishwing
41-45, F
Feb 12, 2010