You Don't Fight Monsters By Becoming One.

You can only be yourself. You can only be true to yourself. You need have self respect and treat others as you hope you would be treated. You can not be more funny or talented or beautiful or intelligent than you are. You can only be yourself. Liars and show offs always get caught. Why would anyone dislike you for being yourself? There's only one of you. Just one real soul, make it shine with light and life.

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" The band were ******* **** and i'm not having a nice time ". Alex's lyrics are pure !

I thought the line:
'You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham
So get off the bandwagon, and put down the handbook'
particularly apt for this group.......

Class indeed :)

Agreed......the story too ! :)

What really irritates me is that I went out with two friends a few weeks ago and although we were drinking, I know that H meant what she said about me being her #2 best friend next to L. L happened to be sitting not far from us (definitely within earshot) and H was going on and on about how much she loved me and that next to L, I was her best friend. What really grinds my chain is that at one time L, H, and I were all very good friends. L happens to be my cousin but she is not a good person and has done us both wrong (H and me) on several occasions. For this reason I do not hang out with L on a regular basis anymore, if I run into her, fine. If we make contact over a family matter, fine. I love her but I don't want to be associated with her. When she and H were fighting a few years ago, she FORBADE me from talking to H. I told her to go to hell, that she doesn't choose my friends, that I knew she was lying about H, and that her beef was not my beef and that she can fight her own battles without involving me. Since then, they've obviously made up (and had more falling-outs) but H still seems to consider her a better friend than I. Weird, right? L lies her face off, uses people, manipulates people, etc on a regular basis. If we were alike in that regard, I would completely understand but we're not. I'm honest, caring, defend integrity, and have never behaved in an underhanded way to anyone. This is not an isolated case. It seems as though people would rather be with a lying manipulator because they distrust an honest person more because they can't figure out their angle. I know you think this L person must have something going for her that I don't but you couldn't be more wrong, believe me! She's dumb as a rock, controlling, conceited (only she knows why!), and a lazy piece of crap that's never done anything with her life but try to "beat the system" if you know what I mean. She's a hypocritical holy-roller that is by far the poorest excuse of a Christian as anyone has ever seen! She's a horrible mother (despite the 5 abortions she's had that I know of) but is quick to criticize anyone about anything. She's been arrested for aggravated battery so many times that the last time the court said that if they see her again she's going to prison for a LONG time. She's been convicted of welfare fraud and claims kids and jobs she doesn't have on her taxes every year (she does work occasionally under the table though). She's borrowed money under completely false pretenses and then horse-laughs when you catch her lying about it (no, she doesn't ever pay anyone back). She has three kids by three different fathers and has never been married. She was openly gay for over ten years and now she's anti-gay, anti-abortion, etc. for her religion, of course! Oh, was she recently saved? Uh, no, she's been spewing that religious crap since she was 15 years old (25 years ago, now she's 40). She drinks, she smokes (so do I, that's not the point), she does whatever the hell she wants, which is fine with me. I don't judge (sure sounds like it!), I'm just mentioning the things that most people would not find very "Christian-like". I am not religious. I do not try to convert people or tell them what I think they're doing wrong. I don't care who's gay, I'm not, so what? Who's freakin' business is it? I've never had an abortion (I don't believe in that but I've never been in a predicament that I ever needed to consider it, I believe a woman should have the right to choose). I've two kids, both by my second husband (now divorced). Again, not judging, just sayin', this person is taking the moral high ground against me or anyone? I don't understand what people see in her, she's a nightmare that is only waiting for the next chance to use you and EVERYONE knows it. Why are they okay with that? Personally, I'm not that close to H anyway so I don't really care that I'm her best friend or not (it never occurred to me that I was anywhere near the top, as I said, we aren't close), it just annoys me that she considers L a better friend than me. No, it isn't a competitive thing, I just don't understand. Anyone?

A lot of ignorant people hide behind religion. You are on the right track because you are aware. But I don't think you should cite your friends failures or mistakes in life as evidence of your point, since we all make mistakes and fail at times.

Not to that magnitude. I don't mean one time, I mean since I've known her- ALL of them. They aren't "failures or mistakes," they are a way of life; ongoing and consistent.

I like your sentiment. I wish I found it easier to be consistent in social situations but it's wierd because different people bring out different sides of myself. Like if I'm comfortable I find I can relax and tap into my sense if humor but if I'm not i can be a stammering idiot. I hope one day soon to have the confidence to be my true, easy going self all the time like you.

I push all the fear down into the pit of my stomach.... it is there. I just pretend it isnt. Seriously. Then sort I sort of forget to be scared. I'm sure people have found me an idiot, but there really are more nice friendly people out there than not. People are much more cruel here! What an irony! Thank you for your kind words though.... a lovely way to start the day. xxx

Too true! I think somewhere along the way I let it bubble over. Thanks for the reminder that it's possible and practical. Bless U

I can relate to this. I was told for years that I was mistreated by others because they were jealous or insecure. Now I just feel like I am cursed. If I had to rewrite this statement I would say: "I would rather be myself and surrounded by people that like and appreciate me." Unfortunately, at times, this seems impossible. Which is why most of us are on this site I suppose.

Atta girl Kat ; }

Great thoughts

*STANDING OVATION* I think there is a lot more beauty in a person being who they are and NOT who they think others want to see...

There is no point, when you look in the mirror you only see you. Thanks and wriggles xxx