How wrong we can be at times about people!!

At the beginning this friend was great and came across as a genuine guy.

He led me on, made me believe things that was not true and basically dragged me down to a very dark hole. I always felt sorry for him because of what a strange life he had, had but now I can understand why he has experienced soo much regret, trouble is he is good at dragging others down with him.

I really thought I had found a nice person, but I was wrong, I still care about him, but everything has to be on his terms, he does not like rejection, but he is sure good at doing it to others, no wonder he has failed in life.

After a lot of help I can move on with my head held high, more than he can do!

Double lives don't work, I tried it
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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

this does seem like a problem. If you didnt go with what he wanted on his terms would he get physical and hit you?