We Are Not All Going To Like Each Other Anyway.

As  those closest to me know, I have Asperger, as do three of my children.  It makes me a little quirky, and yes a bit weird.  Okay I can be blunt, tactless and my sense of humour is never aligned with anyone else’s. But I really have grown to love myself this way. I am fortunate to be low on the spectrum giving me some wonderful gifts, and not so many of the associated negative traits; though they are certainly there.

I am not sure if it’s because of my AS, but I am daily intrigued by the complicated and amazingly intricate interactions of human beings. How they think, and what motivates some to do what they do, it is an endless source of wonder for me.  I am also flabbergasted by the lack of understanding, care and acceptance displayed regularly. I guess maybe that is because living with difference means I am happy to accept life is not the normal one way street, many seem to want it to be. None of us will ever fit the mould of someone else, because we were all made individually. Anyway, I quite enjoy two way streets, narrow lane ways, dead ends and busy highways.

Because I may not fit someone’s ideals, does not make me any less a person, or any more a person.  It just makes me honest with myself, to be who I am and not something someone else wants me to be, in order to be liked. After all we don't all like each other, its human nature.

As this groups says, I would rather be myself, regardless if anyone likes it or not, because it shows I am not the one with any real issues, as I don’t need to be something I am not.

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11 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I am proud of ur spirits. Keep it up :)

Like my wish list..S

Lilly...I love you for who you are...and that's all that really matters. You as you is like our sunshine...the other stuff are mere shadows that we each have. *big hug*

Well Lilly, if you didn't straighten and darken your hair maybe it would look like Einstein's. haha. A sign of genius.

How do your AS kids get along with one another? Is it better of worst than with those who don't have AS?

WildernessGIrlsyndrome Roj? Gee must be special to have a syndrome named after myself!

It's WGS that you've got...

AS must have so many benefits like that. Usually ( I think) only people who who are very comfortable with their selves will befriend you. Am I right? <br />
<br />
Finding out who we are, then learning to like ourselves and being true to oueselveis a journey that everyone needs to take at some stage is a journey that everyone needs to take at some stage in their lives if they are to be happy. Some, unfortunately, never learn. I can't say that it has been something that I learnt all in one go. I'm stil learning to like myself but am really enjoying the journey. <br />
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Lilly, I don't think you have such a strange sense of humour. Are you being yourself on EP , or is it that I just have a weird sense of humour too??? Same goes with being blunt. lol. How do you know if you have AS or not?? I'm a bit worried now. lol

This is so very true, Lilly. Pretending to be someone different for the purpose of being liked is a sure path to stress and depression.

Though goodness only knows what would have happened had we ever met in person first???

Me Myself and I rather adore the honest Lilly.<br />
<br />
Can't really imagine a fake???