Never Regret

I am weird. I have always been a little off to say the least and I am happy about that. I am honest, direct and unconventional. Remarkably it has never got me into trouble until recently. I worked in a large bureaucratic organization and remained true to myself and never had trouble. Raised a few eyebrows, but in the end saw me for who I am.

The only real trouble that arose from this was over my partner. I didn't choose her per say, I just didn't say I am going to avoid this because of how people will react. The problem was with the law, specifically a vaguely written one in combination with prejudice.

I don't regret it. We are wonderful together and there is nothing wrong with us no matter what people say. After the dust has settled we will have gone through hell and we will be ourselves and we will be happy.
BittenDog BittenDog
46-50, M
Dec 28, 2010