I'm so tired of people trying to change me or make me feel bad for being different. I've finally reached my limit. I'm a weirdo. Point and stare if you feel the need but just remember, there's always someone out there who thinks you're a freak too.

Not that I purposely try to be weird, but heck, I prefer oddness over normalcy if my oddness leads to my happiness =)

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3 Responses Jan 14, 2009

Yep, I learned that the hard way. I also used to blame myself when people were mean to me, but now I know better. It still hurts my feelings, but now I don't take it out on myself unless I know I deliberatly did something wrong to that person; which I never do.<br />
<br />
Self-esteem is part liking yourself for you and how you see yourself through other people's eyes. I'm gaining positivity on both parts now.

If there is one thing i have learned over the years ... you can't win them all and the people who are deliberately being cruel like you have said ... does it matter because you don't want people like that in your life any ways . Hugs

Good to hear it! Being concious of being 'cool' is for insecure losers anyway! I say have fun being yourself and to hell with what others ...they're probably just jealous that you are happy and so relaxed. :)