Actually, I be live I am normal and I find others weird! So they try to get back at me.

Because they don't feel normal, and they want someone else take the fall. I enjoy how they go out of their way to prove themselves and when I chuckle; they find me weird!

LordVoldemort LordVoldemort 36-40, F 10 Responses Jan 31, 2009

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Normal is very boring, weird is lively and fun. :)

Weird rules

Hey....I love weird......there should be more of us......I can't stand empty airheads....their a waste of space !

I completely agree with you, in this matter gender doesn't play much roll.

I am always considered weird, even by my closest friends and family, but I have never been hated for it. It makes people keep their distance and fear me a bit!

I think we have all kinds of weird.

You are hated because you are envied, they see you and in spite of everything they say, they really wish they were like you. This conflict makes them hate you.

I think you are more than just weird, you must be really smart.


I agree. But women have a lot less of a monopoly on the problem these days.

Beyond that topic, many nerds will angrily say "They hate me because I love Star Trek" or "they hate me because I love (some other intellectual thing like history, programming, etc)"...

All of this is a little off-topic, but for the most part people don't hate anyone for liking anything.

If I were to love "cancer" or love "Adolf Hitler", people would hate me for that, but people don't hate anyone (contrary to what some nerds will insist) for loving "space", "space travel", etc (or anything else intellectual)...

If you like "space and football", that's as good as just liking "football" to them.

People hate us, for the most part, because we don't validate their lifestyle.

They see an intelligent girl who doesn't like what they do. She doesn't spent her time on whatever they mght be wasting it on. They know she's smart cause she's got the grades, job, etc to prove it. Because their passion is something she doesn't validate, they ask "Am I wasting my time?", but the easiest path is to make her insignificant in their own mind and hate her (or him).

It's not just a "femiproblem" though.


Dearest NS5,

though the average dumbness in society has changed since our parent's time, and people have inherited the knowledge and experience of their elders, the concept still remains the same.

If you are smarter than the average, you are weird. If ordinary people don't understand you and you don't commit yourself to their common sense; you are weird.

"To most people a girl who can think is weird. Don't worry about her, I am so sure she is better off alone than pretending she is dumb!"

This was my mom's big gripe. She'd be approximately in the 7 decades old range if she was still alive.

She said guys used to hate her in school for being smart. She had to pretend to be dumb to fit in.

Yet she picked her college boyfriends by looking through the IQ scores in her college's records :-D

Back to the original statement though, I can see it in her generation, but today is sorta like having an African American president. When do the excuses wear out?


"Ha, I experienced this today!! Someone accused me being weird when he himself was creepy!!"

I've totally experienced this!!

Many weird people think 'their weird' is ok, but -you are a freak-. I could rant much about 'nerds' who sell out 'other nerds' (and many things similar), but won't.

To most people a girl who can think is weird. Don't worry about her, I am so sure she is better off alone than pretending she is dumb!

I always loved my time alone with myself, I hope she finds people some weird people who think like her.

Best wishes

My youngest daughter's a bit weird. I admire her very much. She just doesn't let other people tell her how to think and act. She actually uses her own intellect and reasoning to puzzle things out vs. following the crowd.

I am in awe of her ability to stand alone.