Define Normal..

In my opinion there is not a person who is NORMAL. But we all have our opinions about what is normal what is not. It easier to define sane than normal. And I also believe that everyone have their own way of doing things, thinking, reacting etc. there isn't two people exactly the same. But even though I don't have good self esteem I wouldn't want to be anybody else. I wouldn't want to imagine myself in some other person shoes no matter how rich, famous, "normal" he/she is. If there is one thing that we have for ourselves, that is our personality and as weird and crazy for some people it might feel, no one shouldn't try to change it or take it away! 

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You're right, Blueanonymus, we should be careful with our personalities so our acts don't get too out if the line. =)

Please don’t misunderstand me. I believe I am telling you the truth and not just trying to rub you the wrong way. I am different. I do my best to appear “normal”. Please don’t understand me to quickly. I was a sociopath for most of my life. You should pray that you never meet a sociopath. I finally grew lonely from being so different. I found a great psychiatrist who worked with me for five years to help me become compassionate towards other human beings. I am now happily married and have two boys who love me. When I was your age I would have acted amazed at your darning until I got you alone. Then I would have hurt you. Peace…DD

No ****,me too

If I had been born into a family named Normal, they would have named me Abby.

you are right. i am happy the way i am -no matter how normal or abnormal i am!