I Don't Do "Normal" Well

By my sister's words I'm "weird".  She has always seen me as weird, mental, and so forth.

If I were rich could I be called eccentric then? 

I grew up reading Warren and Eerie Publications both publications were horror comics/magazines and I started reading them before the age of 5.  Vampirella was and still is my ultimate favorite character in any comic but her best days were in Warren.  Below is the most famous image of her from the 70's.

Reading magazines such as this, MAD, CRACKED, Conan, and other horror and superhero comics definitely influenced my perceptions.

Vampirella and Conan were my first exposure to TnA (nudes).

Back then it wasn't "normal" for a little girl to enjoy and get into such material.  That was supposed to be boys only territory.

The same was said for my taste in music.  I grew up loving KISS, David Bowie, Led Zepplin, The Ramones, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Billy Idol, and Alice Cooper.  This made me not "normal" on two fronts. 

One my family is one of die hard country western and bluegrass music so how the hell did I even get a listen to such evil and satanic filth!  The only rockers I remember allowed in the house were Elvis, Buddy Holly and some of the Motown acts.  Honestly they didn't do a thing for me.

Secondly, again the horror, violence, and to hell with you attitudes, as well as the blatant sexuality in the lyrics made the above groups BOYS ONLY.  Being a girl I was supposed to be into the teen idol singers like Sean Cassidy and Donny Osmond.  Not "normal" again.

I just joke that I do not do normal well.

I'm a Bohemian in the sense of being artistic and not fitting into the mainstream, and love RENT!  The best musical ever!

I've gone out in slippers rather than shoes with friends.

I wore an outfit that was bright red tights under a pair of jeans that were rolled up to my knees, with black gladiator sandals, a red puffy sweater with balloon sleeves,a long strand of love beads shaped like daisies, earrings the same, and really "big hair". 

When I wore this outfit the girls I went out with thought I was from another planet!  They were amused by it though and how people around us reacted to my attire.  Not normal to the quiet an respectable clothing my friends were wearing.

My opinion is that normal is just another word for mediocre!




Seanachai Seanachai
36-40, F
Feb 17, 2009