Weired But Sincere ...

I'm weired I accept that ...

I dress weired, I talk weired, I like weired ...

but Its much better to be naturally weired ...

than pretend to be normal like a stranger ...

Im proud of myself ...

thought Im weired but Im so sincere

and I dont wear a mask ;)

DollyDiva DollyDiva
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22 Responses Mar 2, 2009

It depends on individual consideration ... :)

I need a clarification. Are you weird, wired, or a blend of the two?

Thks ;)<BR>Im happy to be me<BR>What to care if we dont trouble others !<BR>Weired but Sincere ...

I agree. :)

well, I supposed to say, I'm weired myself ;)<br />
and I'm happy to be me, thus, no complaint Lol ...

It occurs to me to ask: If you're weired, who was it that did the weiring?

It occurs to me to ask: If you're weired, who was it that did the weiring?

Yeah, Danda ! That's absolutely right ;)<br />
Thks a lot !

yeah, it's very suck if we have to care how others would look at us! I never care what others would wear since it's their right so I need them to respect mine as well, but what to say, we are unique and different & we are lucky to discover ourselves ;) not to follow the fashion mainstream like crazy Lol !

Hellas yeah, I'm 19 now and thanks to a newfound friend of mine I'm realizing that to dress how I wanna fucken dress is kewl, and that mainstream is soooo fucken boring. Cherry keep being you and I will to, and so should you..

Actually, they didn't look down on me but they love to look at my dressing style since I'm Japanese mixed & they are crazy about Japanese dressing style lol !

You shouldn't feel uncomfortable, especially if you're only being yourself. I for one do not follow conventional fashion, and wear whatever takes my fancy that day. If you're being yourself, then don't feel uncomfortable or down, because these people you see that look down on you - all they want is to look like you. Individual. Unique. Beautiful on the inside.

I know but it makes me feel uncomfortable always,<br />
This is not like Tokyo, or Hongkong but somehow I couldn't change the way I am according to the place ...<br />
T_T ...

So original you look special,make your own fashion statement,people stop talking than worry ;o)

hehe ~<br />
<br />
Thks > < !

thank you!!! your nice too!!! your really beautifull!!!

Oh! I've always thought you are a girl > < !<br />
Silly me :)<br />
But you are very nice !

well, im a man actually!!! but yes, i just think its beautifull when a woman can be herself, and be happy about it!! instead of being the type of person that does things cos everybody's doing it, and wears certain clothes, cos they're the type of clothes that everyone else is wearing, as they are supposedly fashionable!!! and so on!!! good for you for being yourself, all your friends and familly probably love you for that very reason!!!

> < ~<br />
<br />
That's why I hate when others look at me & talk behind my back about the way I dress,<br />
<br />
Sometimes, I just wear very simple light white dress with a pairs of slipper to convenient store as I found it's not nescessary to wear many things or something special just to go to store :)<br />
<br />
but that's only some example, but I'm weired & unique every day, I guess you are not the fashionable victim types of girl for sure !

yes, thats it, but lets say for example, there is a type of clothing thats in fashion, and everyones wearing it, but you dont like it, you cant seriously say, that you would be happy wearing it yourself, just to be trendy and fashionable!!! as long as your happy in life, the way you are, then thats all that counts!!!!

Umm because they want to be trendy and fashionable as they wanna be accepted in the society :)

your not wierd!!! your just being yourself, which is beautifull!!! theres too many people in this world that want to be the same as someone else, in the way they dress, and the music they listen to and hobbies and interests and so on!!! those people are the weirdo's, cos a lot of them can be so fake!!!