Master Jak

I love my master with all of my heart and soul. Master jak loves me as well but hes just one of those people who always puts himself first and lately i have barely been able to talk to him or cuddle with him or even serve him. This is where my bad habits come from. i have severe depression anxiety and i hate to be ignored or alone.
When master does not have time for me i beging to turn into a very obnoxious little brat and i yell and scream and complain and whine. i bite him and get mouthy and throw an all out fit. This used to be ended by master bending me over and giving me a good spanking with a studded belt or a strong smack across the mouth. |
but recently master has become concerned with leaving marks on me so he has (along with my mistress) decided on doing diaper/baby punishments because he knows i hate them and they are effective and they dont leave marks.
so i suppose i got what i had coming. I now gets lots and lots of unwanted attention and babying.... id much rather get the belt or a smack but i guess master and madame make the decisions
nytemarehunter nytemarehunter
18-21, F
Sep 13, 2012