Found A Hideaway.

Some people may hit the stores, seek out friends, or do a little of both.
This has never been my thing.  I only ever enter a store with what it is I need in my mind, get it and get out.
I have never been a listless, or pointless shopper.
I don't have the patience or interest to ohhh and awww over the newest fashions, styles or sales.
I use the same stores because I learn the layouts, exactly where everything is to make it that much faster to go get what I need and get back out.
I am efficient and extremely thrifty when it comes to spending my money and rarely if ever indulge in impulsive buys.

But I am the kind of girl who will get restless at times and when that occurs its the great outdoors that I seek out.
Such as this morning, with a million thoughts on my mind I needed the freedom of roaming.
After my morning coffee outside my guys trailer I went for a walk.
His trailer is located in front of a country bush.

I made my way around the back of the property and into the cut trails that lead through the tiny forest.
I had never been here before but I was at once at peace as the sounds of nature intruding upon my endless thoughts.
Following the path to the back of the bush I found a spot with great excitement.

Surrounded by trees an abandoned picnic table and fire pit.
Giggling to myself I hopped up onto the picnic table and laid down staring up at the foliage.
Imagining some quiet moments with my girls, with my guy.
Indeed it was an awesome spot I plan to utilize very well.

I am most definitely the kind of girl who would rather spend time wandering in the woods then shopping any day.  

snowberry75 snowberry75
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2 Responses May 5, 2012

Yes. I agree with you about stores and malls and all of that. And thank you for your desc<x>ription of your wandering through the woods. Very relaxing.

Awwww...Laying on your back looking at the trees is wayyy better then wasting money in crowded malls......Spending time in nature is a lot of ways. Yayyy for gigglin on the picnic table too! :D