I have always loved nature.  Each weekend, before moving to the city, I would travel to one of the nearby forest parks and enjoy walking among the paths sheltered and greeted by trees. The scents and the sounds, particularly after a rainfall, the sound of the birds overhead and the rustles below.

During the last month, what I have craved most is to get back to nature, to go to those places I once visited, yet have been unable to get out of the city due to a variety of reasons. 


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2 Responses Dec 17, 2008

Flutterby, find a way to stay in touch with nature and your natural side. I do it by taking my trailer, and going to the woods sans clothes. I don't presume to say that this is the way for you. But staying a part of nature helps me remain human in this artificial world we have created. The peace, serenity, and freedom of nature helps me deal with our rat race and remain sane.

Find a way, my friend. It is good for your soul.