And That Is What I Do...

...Except I don't wear pants. If I am out and I want to pee, I just pee. I am always discrete because just wetting myself openly is likely to stimulate an unwelcome reaction in some people, but when I want to go (not need to) I find somewhere and pee.

I usually wear black skirts and fishnet stockings so I can just stand and let my pee run down my legs, or if I am sitting somewhere I can usually just sit and pee through my black skirt.

If you have accepted that you would rather wet yourself than use a public facility, and you have done it at some point, you will realise that it is no big deal to wet yourself. Not only that but it is more convenient as there is no need to find a toilet, there is no time wasted as you can easily wet yourself while doing other things and you don't have to wait until you are desperate or anything, you can just go when you want to pee. I never have to worry about how much I drink, the more I drink the better really.

Once you are comfortable with wetting yourself you can enjoy the other benefit, that it actually feels quite nice. Warm pee running down my legs feels delicious as does sitting in a nice warm freshly wet seat. Fresh dilute pee even smells quite nice and the smell is very subtle. Sometimes on a cold day I can be disappointed that my pee has run out and that the warmth has come to a stop.

It is much easier to pee discretely while wearing a skirt of course, no one notices a trickle of pee running down fishnet clad legs under a skirt, but couples can join in too, It is not easy for a guy to just unzip and pee on his own, but is a lot easier for a guy to just discretely unzip and pee on his partners legs under her short skirt while they hug.

 If you don't like public bathrooms, just say no, and enjoy the freedom that wetting yourself brings.

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1 Response Jul 15, 2010

I never mess myself with poop. The smell and mess would be a big problem and I don't like it. There is no clean up with pee, I just leave it to dry. I don't wear knickers so it is not too hard to just squat somewhere and poo on the grass when I am wearing a short skirt - I have done that a few times, just squat down and pretend to do something else like check my shoe. Usually If I want to poop I wet myself somewhere before I use the toilet so as not to miss out on the warmth. <br />
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Very rarely will I use a public toilet. I have to pee half a dozen times a day or more, but only have to poo once a day, and that can be planned for.<br />
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