Don't Like Going At Work

I had to go but was not doing to use the dirty bathroom at work. A few days ago I was at work when a bad urge to poop hit. I have not been able to go in a few days so I know I had to go. I am shy about going around other people so I was going to wait till I got home, not to mention it is not the cleanest. Having only 3 hours till I got off I figured I would be ok. I was starting to get desperate about an hour before I got off. Fearing I was going to have to use the bathroom there I tried to stay in the office as much as I could. It helped a little but I still had to go badly. About 15 till I start to get my things together to leave which was not helping, the urge to go passed but now that I was moving around again it was worse than ever. As I was walking out the door I thought I just had a little gas but quickly found out that was not the case. It did not feel like that much got out. Before I got to the car I felt another bad cramp hit. This time I could feel more than a little got out. I still had to go badly by the time I got there. Knowing that I was going to have to take a shower any way I just let it go. I felt a lot better after that, by the time I was done my underwear was more than full and I had a wet spot on the front of my pants.
Joshcolls Joshcolls
22-25, M
Dec 10, 2012