When I Was A Kid

When i was a kid my mom always told me not to use public bathrooms cause they were dirty, so when we were out if i had to go, i was always told to hold it. Sometimes this didn't work out and i ended up going potty in my pants. Mom was always really good about it and i never got in trouble for it.

After a while when i was about 10 or 11 i started to get lazy and started to pee and poop my pants on purpose, cause i couldn't be bothered holding it, and still my mom didn't care and i never got punnished for it.

After that i started peeing the bed, and still my mom didn't get mad, but i did get a rubber sheet, and put in diapers.Now i'm 19 and i wet and poop my pants every day cause i'm too lazy to go to the bathroom. hit me up at joey_dennis50@yahoo.com.

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

u guys r so lucky... my parents both wouldve disowned me if they knew what i did, especially if they knew i was gay... theyre not very supportive

Heck I would have gotten spanked, if I even tried it.