A while back I went with my mommy and her boyfriend to a fair. We were there for an hour and a half before mommy said she had to go pee and asked if I needed changed (because I was wearing a diaper) or if I had to go potty. I had to go potty so I went with her. The bathroom was so disgusting no one even wanted to go near them. There was a girl that had gotten **** all over her leg from using one of the toilets. Mommy said that she'd rather sneak into the mens' room and go but it wasn't much better. By then I really had to go and just ended up using my diaper which was a messy clean up. Mommy took one of my diapers and held it up to herself to pee. About an hour later it was getting dark and a lot of people were headed for the bathrooms. I felt so bad for them because they didn't have any diapers but I didn't have enough to give everyone one.

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I am an AB/DL but it was last summer.

so are yo uan aby or was this alogn time ago?