“ I Would Rather Hurt Than Feel Nothing At All”

    Words to a great song “I need you Now” by Lady Antelbella. it’s a great song, and I simply Love it. It says so much, about Love, and wanting someone, and needing someone so bad, that you are unsure if you can go on with out them.

    Those words can not be more explain than by simply saying, you rather feel hurt, than to feel numb, because being numb has to be one of the worst feelings in the world.

I much rather be feeling a whole bunch of pain from things, than to not feel anything at all, because the feeling of not feeling anything at all, is terrible. It makes you feel like you are not even alive, that you just exist, and that you are just kind of here, and that really is about it. You want to harm yourself, to make sure you are still alive, and not in some kind of nightmare or something, at least that is how it is for me.

So yes, I much rather hurt, than feel nothing at all, because feeling nothing at all, really sucks! I rather hurt, and be in pain, and crying from so much emotional pain, than to feel nothing, than to feel like I am just in some kind of sick wicked, messed up nightmare…


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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I would much rather feel nothing than feel hurt, at least in this particular situation. I broke up with my bf that I honestly felt that I loved a couple years back and I literally think about him every day whether it's just a moment or a good 10-15 minutes of crying everyday. He's with someone else now, but I honestly feel that we would still be perfect together. We didn't even break up because we didn't like each other; it was because of family reasons. So to be honest, I'd rather feel nothing than be feeling like crap for 2 years of my life.