I have almost nothing but nightmares every night. They are all rather bizarre and vivid, and even though they scare me witless, I'd much rather live in them than my waking life. Which isn't to say my waking life is worse, it's just, well, boring. I'd much rather steal my roommate's battleship and paint and oil rig, or catalog man-eating plants by my home, or try to escape a brain-washing facility owned by an evil fox-woman, than sit at home writing about my dreams on the internet, or sit in front of the TV eating junk food.
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

Yup, I often feel this way too. My dreams tend to be bizarre and sometimes terrifying, but the world of my dreams is so vivid and beautiful, even addictive you could say. I find it a shame that the longer the time after my dreams, the harder it becomes to recall and relive the crazy details that don't make complete sense in real life.<br />
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Real life is well..rather mundane at the moment. There are responsibilities, things that must be done, things that never get done, boundaries. I suppose it is my own fault in a way that my life isn't a bit less boring, but dammit, I don't care, give me my dreams and nightmares :P