I rather live in my dreams... Honestly sometimes it's just so much better than reality. And sometimes my dreams they feel so real I can't eve begin to describe its like I can actual feel and hear and taste everything that's going on. There has been times when I have woken from such a beautiful dream and started crying because I didn't get to continue in my dream and mainly because it wasn't real. But then I wonder what if it Is real. What if when I go to sleep on earth I really just wake up in a different dimension and who's to say that's not the case. Dreaming is my escape and I love evey bit of it. Btw I am 16.
Isabelleg7 Isabelleg7
1 Response Feb 9, 2013

Exactly my thoughts! Apparently Our brain can't tell the difference between reality and dreams, as the both fire the same synapses in the brain, or something along those lines. So what is reality?