But Then, Who Wouldn't?

Well, I'm new to this, so maybe I don't get how this works. I guess we just post stories and comments? I saw this group title and I thought, well, who wouldn't rather be spanked and get it over with, rather than have the HOH all mad for hours or days? That's a no-brainer.

I always know when my punishment is almost over, and my Husband is going to use me for physical release, because he will say, "Good girl. You are a very good girl. Just a little more, now." It means he is over his anger, and I will be allowed to bring him pleasure soon.

The spankings and discipline, and then the sex that follows are closure, and it has kept our marriage free of the anger, bitterness and resentment that is toxic to intimacy.

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You say "fetish" like it's a bad thing. Next you will be calling me kinky! Oh, please don't! You'll hurt my feelings! LOL.<br />
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Look, if you don't want to get spanked, don't get spanked. The question was asked and answered. It's different for everyone, and for some, spanking would do real harm--if not physically, emotionally. I respect that--differences are a good thing. <br />
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But please. Let us not call names, correct spelling, laugh at others, or otherwise be unkind--some might even say bullying. It really is possible to express ones opinion without doing so.

Noone has called names or been a bully.

Some have just expressed an opinion that was different than the OP's....no harm in allowing all sides to voice themselves.

As for the spelling correction...I am a poor speller myself, I have never taken offense when someone has been kind enough to help me improve on the skill.

Also Tabu is a perfume...so it could cause confusion if continually used.

Being spanked is a "no brainer"? Really? That sort of flies in the face of the logic of most humans. People tend to avoid pain, its a genetic tool to help the species survive...fight or flight... flight is the genetically favored behavior and fight is reserved only when no flight is available.

I'm sorry you might be confused...this website is public...the groups are public, one does not need to be in agreement to post within a group.

America allows for and protects my right to free speech! I am simply using my rights.

If you would prefer a website which only allows members to post in agreement then I am sure their are several private ones which screen for membership.

I am within the TOS and community guidelines... so if you don't approve of me or want to read my posts feel free to ignore them !

I would much rather continue the fight then be spanked, because for me the spanking would infuriate me! I would likely react fairly aggressively to a spanking, I would resent him greatly. I would be insulted and hurt by a spanking. I would feel disrespected and I would question my husbands love for me. A spanking would end my relationship.

amen! i'm definitely not the type to go for this but to each their own. anything that remotely smells of abuse isn't for me.

Fetish as a lifestyle....who would have thought... certainly goes against all the advice passed through the ages...commonly referred to "all things in moderation"...

Dear Princess Missy,<br />
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Have you ever considered it is not emotional *weakness* that makes women the ones that need to submit, but rather it is our great strength that makes submission possible for us? Or have you considered that there is no superior/inferior aspect to submission, just a complementary strengthening that occurs when the male dominates his female?<br />
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In other words, my submission strengthens my man. His increased strength, vigor and energy benefit me as much as it does him. Perhaps more. <br />
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It is not so much a case that women are "unfit" to control, so much as it is that women fill a different role. Not an inferior one, simply a different one. <br />
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And I believe it is taboo because corporal punishment has been mishandled and its' effectiveness abused by cretins so often.

why is it that something so simple as this is so tabu for our society??? you both are very strong people.