I Prefer On Foot Or By Bus

To me, cars are dangerous, polluting, and expensive.  And searching for parking spots in some places I like to go takes a lot of time and is annoying and inconvenient.

I have a car, an 8-year-old Honda, but 3 years ago I moved to a place where I can walk to most of the things I need.  I often do walk there.  There's also a bus stop about a half mile away, and I've used the bus.

The car still is more convenient, and I still use it, for doctor appointments and meetings and to haul heavy things.  But maybe one day I'll find a way to do without it completely.   


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2 Responses Jul 31, 2007

For trips on the weekend there are many programs in other countries wherein you call in and tell them where you're wanting to go and they will match you up with someone headed that way ... you split expenses and it's a done deal!

In some major cities there is a car share program, where you can essentially sign up to use a car for x amount of hours on x day at x time. Some there is an annual fee, and some not. Most are about $9 an hour, including gas. There are about three different programs bouncing around the SF bay area. Maybe something like that would let you get rid of your car, if thats what you wanted. I don't know how much sense it makes if you want to go on car trips for the weekend though. Just thought I would share in case you hadn't heard of the program.