I think it's really quite sad that today there are so many ignorant people who choose to judge people rather than get to know and understand them. IGNORANCE. I hate it. Each one of us are so different...yet so similar. Some introverted, some extroverted, some weird, some predictable, but what's under the surface of every single person is beautiful and intriguing beyond explanation.

I think it's one of the most important things - bonds and relationships. As people we should at least try to understand others...I think people forget just how much we learn from other people.

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Feel the same as you. I will try and use reason, compassion, and logic to understand a very 'outspoken' person, but I have limits. I know there are some who have quit EP because of this. I am not someone who backs down to rude, crude bullies. This only empowers them. Circle up ur friends and fans to confront these 'creatures'. There is power in numbers. I've flagged 3 people so far and haven't been on this site very long.

Understand people <br />
Judge theyre actions

I do the same.

I try not to judge and prefer to attempt to understand people's motives. It's not always easy.

This is amazing--and so true!! I think this quote fits well:<br />
"Do you remember back when people got to know you before they judged you? Yeah, me neither."

Exactly. Like so many people are big fans of defamation of character. So quick to judge someone, but yet they don't want to take the time to know you. I hate IGNORANCE with a passion. It's funny, in both the sense of a ha ha ha, and to realize that the same people that judge have many flaws themselves.

And that too is true!