Someone To Hold My Heart

I already posted this some place else but I think this is a more suited place!

I sometimes question what it is that I look for, if it's real that is, or even possible. A soulmate or kindred soul, Someone who knows me like no one else! Someone that I can bare my soul to, Someone that I can truely let in to see the side of me that no one else does. They can see me for me and Love and Want me anyway, no matter what! That's the part, They Want Me!! Not need me. I want to be wanted and loved in everyway mentaly, emotionaly, spiritualy and physically, I want to be Loved always in all ways! I want to feel, do, and be everything and every bit in return as well!  I'm looking for a Best Friend and then Lover all rolled into one being! Is that possible? I Hope She is out there somewhere! If She does exist I just hope She knows, I'm out there too!

BrokenForever BrokenForever
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I hope you find what and who you are looking for. Since I found the right man for me and we're now engaged i want everyone to be as happy as I am. Keep looking. Luv'n it *.*

You will find her when you are least expecting to!

Thank You Snowbunny,That's the part that counts is the most, is they are perfect in our eyes!

Thank you Bonnie, I read your story, quiet nice! It is how a woman should be treated!

BrokenForever- I think you did a wonderful job of describing what all of us are in search of and some people out there have been lucky enough to find. The search for someone who loves and appreciates all of you isn't too much to ask. I believe there is someone out there for each of, not a perfect person.....but perfect for us :)

Hi Broken, your story is so heart warming and thought provoking. There are people and yes women who are just wishing to find each other and share their dreams and lives together. So yes I am holding my hand out for you, reach me and let's walk together, have fun. have some laffs, lay hands on each other, offer shoulder to each other. I find solace in flirting with and teasing guys here on EP. They like me who I am. Read one of my story "I am worth it" in my group I wish a man to worship his woman. Join the group, don't be lonely dear. Enjoy the EP for what it has to offer. Bonnie<br />
Here is the link:<br />
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Thank You bloodyvalentine :)

Yes of course it's possible! I hope she is out there for you too! Good luck in finding her. Miraculously, I found my kindred spirit and I always doubted it would ever happen and be able to go the distance!<br />
I still can't believe how fortunate I was to find him and for us to just 'know' it was and still is absolutely right... Of course she's out there!