Say Yes to Life

n spite of our problems, we should consider our fortune to have reached human life. We should make good use of this opportunity.

  • We all are parts of the truth and this can be shown positively in our life through our special mission. Search what is yours!
  • Appreciate all the difficulties, because through them we can climb to a new level, to experience a new realization.
  • Each difficulty that we are presented is an opportunity to experience a new realization.
  • Your own life does not even belong to you, because you did not create it.
  • If you feel that your life doesn't have value, it is because you have not filled it up with value.
  • Think that you are always important for somebody else.
  • If you think that nobody loves you and for that reason you plan to stop existing, give yourself time to look around at your surroundings; surely you will find many friends who will wait for you.
  • Sow some more seeds of love and wait to see them sprout.
  • Speak out when something hurts you, and relief won't be long in coming.
  • Don't allow yourself to affect your thoughts with failure nor with lamentation, don't let sadness pass through your door.
  • Your mind is a powerful radar and it can attract good or bad thoughts, happiness or sadness.
  • Focus on the positive thing, the simple and good.
  • Nobody requests a miracle of you, neither should you demand it from yourself.
  • Have a simple and grateful life, and for that principle of humility, you will be able to recognize that there are great values and qualities in you.
  • No, suicide is not a solution, because what you cannot overcome today, you will have to face tomorrow.
  • Nothing can be reached this way.
  • Don't allow desperation to restrain you, all good arrives in its time, when you can appreciate it better.
  • Don't forget that the tastiest sweets are those that take longer to mature.
  • The laws of karma don't approve of the practice of suicide; all test that we are presented with, we can overcome.
  • Setbacks are to help us to improve, not to discouraged us.
  • We all have our problems, but they are good for us, for our invigoration and growth.
  • The correspondent difficulties are to help us to mature.
  • We are not alone in the world.
  • Problems force us to take refuge in something higher, in the something more divine, in prayer and in spiritual literature.
  • Also look for a spiritual guide, a friend on your road, a true support for your soul who is not interested in your material goods nor in the aspect of your body.

This help, this friendship, is fundamental to continue in our life.

Without a beautiful heart to heart, soul to soul relationship, it would be very difficult to continue, but in good company, there is nothing to discourage us.

tsanandh tsanandh
26-30, M
Mar 17, 2009