Wife Needs Strange ****

My story is quite brief. When we first got together and my wife was secure that I was OK with her having sex with other guys, she explained to me that there were times when she simply needed a strange **** in her. That's pretty much the words she used. She wanted the whole experience, from being seduced, taken, and leaking for hours after the guy finished and left. If only guys knew....
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Hello mrstevela. I have suspected for a long time that women could be every bit as compulsive and promiscuous as men were but it is a well kept secret isn't it? I guess that is because women used to carry a disproportionate share of the risk of unplanned pregnancy or maybe they felt the shame of possible disclosure more than men did. It seems to me that lustfulness was prized by men but generally disparaged by women. But the times they are a changin'. Antibiotic resistance of VD will be a game changer and HIV was a death sentence for Liberace, Peter Allen and Freddie Mercury. They were notorious for their hell raising antics but really ONE SINGLE EPISODE of sexual exposure to HIV is enough for you to catch your death by AIDS. I hate to rain on your parade mrstevela but I am afraid that the brief moment in time when we could get away with this sort of thing has passed. The sad truth is mate, you are lucky to still be alive (and so am I).

...and if you two only knew.... I'm one of those guys who'd love to meet a couple like you.

Your wife is in touch with her ***** and knows what she needs. Too bad more women aren't like her.

Wow, you definitely hit the jackpot with your ****-hungry little wife. Most of us can only dream and fantasize about such an eager wife :D

Luckyman Steve, my wife ***** others but like to keep it secret. I enjoy knowing she is cheating. I would really lovebit if she told me all the details though

That's hot. Everybody wins. Crime rates go down.

Your wife is a gem - most wives hang onto that phrase: "I only need you." and that can stop your best laid plans quickly.

Those are the worst four words in the language! :-)))

The funniest thing is they know they are usually lying.

Sounds ok with me thats why my wife wants different *****

I wanna have sex with your wife.

Sometimes girls just need something new to make us feel sexy.

It is more fun all open to me, but I know some like it the other way.

Do you want to watch her, or does it not matter?

Doesn't matter all that much, as I get to enjoy her afterwards. The sooner the better though, if you get my drift....

I truly get your drift. My X and I were very open and she could have sex with whoever she wished. Sometimes men, sometimes women. Same for me. Sometimes while she was with her girlfriends, I would go to the baths and play. If she had a guy (or two) **** her, when she got home we always had great sex together. I loved tasting their combined juices after a hot get together with her lovers. Although I didn't suck **** at the baths, I loved being ****** then sucking her ***** when I got home.

I'd love to have been your neighbor in years past. I'm sure she would have needed a spare key so she could check on things from time to time....lol

That was one of our ultimate fantasies, Cuckstarter. We wanted a guy right in the neighborhood who could slip in and out of our bedroom slider at night, thus the kid's wouldn't be woke up. My wife wanted to wake up with a strange guy climbing on top of her, etc. etc., take her, and leave just as quickly.

My X and I had one of her lovers living in a small cottage right behind our house. She would often slip over to play with him while I waited for her return to lick and suck her clean before making my deposit in her. We did that for a couple years before he moved away. (His loss because by then she had other lovers.)

That's very hot.....

I want to **** you baby

want to **** you

A hornet vixon. Good for you both.

I would be happy to help you all with servicing your wives

Good thought!