A beach fantasy, Part 1.

Where do I begin? It was early spring and I decided to go to the beach and work on my bikini tan (bottom only). I love a fem bikini line, the contrast is so naughty. The smaller the better. The beach was empty. I found a nice spot and spread out my beach towel. The warm sun was heating up my skin already. I ******** down to my bikini bottoms (tight tucked as always) and started to rub the warm oil over my smooth skin. I stop for a moment to admire my painted toe nails and anklet. I was feeling horny. I continued to apply the oil generously. My hands glided up my inner thigh and work the slick oil everywhere my fingers could go (everywhere). I turn on some music, lie down, close my eyes and start to fantasize about a girl alone on the beach.

After about a half hour I open my eyes and prop myself up on my elbows. I gaze around to check out if there were any people around. I turn to my left and I notice that someone has placed their towel about 20 feet from me. I thought of leaving quickly but then I realized there was nothing to worry about. I am far from home and at the beach. The beach was still pretty empty and I was still very horny. I ran my hand down across my stomach, down the inside of my thigh and slid a couple of slick fingers in my a$$. I thrust them in as deep as they would go. The hot sun, the oil, my fingers, I was in heaven. Just then I started wondering who put their towel down next to me in a wide open beach. What were they thinking seeing me in my bikini, all oiled up with my painted toe nails. I slid my hand out and looked around. I was really horny now. I needed my toys.

A few minutes later the person next to me one came back to their towel and knelt down on it. Their body very seductive, sexy and smooth. I noticed a very cute boyish girl or feminine boy. “Hi” they said as they removed their shirt, “I had to run back to the car”. I couldn’t help but stare at the slim sexy body before me. I noticed small pert breast’s in a peach colored bikini top. “Hi” I said back. My eyes dropped lower to her perfect flat stomach. Her hips were not as defined as most girls but not masculine as a boy. Her waist was very sexy, and her belly button was lower on the torso. I was confused. Then it hit me, my eyes started to move up the body (undressing it in my mind). When I got to her neck I noticed an adams apple. Without missing a beat I looked her (no him) in the eyes. He introduced himself “My names Danni, I hope you don’t mind if I lay here. I’ve seen you here before and thought you could use some company”. “Hi I’m Jaqui” I said, believe me when I say it’s a pleasure to have some company”. He then removed his shorts, sliding them down his long slender legs. “I love your toe nail polish” I said. “Thank you, it was a last minute thing before I rushed out of the house”. Lustfully my eyes made their way up his silky legs. First the calves, then up to his knees, lingering at his thighs until they stopped at his crotch. The bikini bottom fit like a glove. His crotch was as flat as any women in a bikini. There was no camel toe to admire, he was tucked into a tiny peach bikini bottom that matched the top. “I love your bikini” I said, “It looks perfect on you” as I wondered how big his c--k was when he was hard and firm. He thanked me as he started to blush.

I got up on my knees and faced him as he laid back. “Let me put some oil on you. You don’t want to burn”. A surge went thru my body when I place my oiled hands on his smooth soft back. I felt him tense for a moment feeling the same surge. My oil soaked hands made their way down to his lower back at his bikini. I let a finger slide under the waist band. I assured him that it was OK and that it was a prime spot that burns. Then I put some more oil in my palms I started applying oil to feet and his ankles. Next I worked the oil up his calves, behind the knee and all over his upper thighs. As I got higher on his legs, I noticed that he spread them apart a little so I wouldn’t miss a spot. I took the hint. My thumbs went up his soft inner thigh not stopping at the bikini. I worked an oiled thumb up between his balls and against his upper thigh. He moaned and spread his thighs some more. I knew what we both wanted. I massaged his inner thighs with both hands working his silken a$$ cheeks under the bikini. The oil let my hands slide effortlessly over his smooth body. I ran my hands up around his a$$ cheeks, then I slid both thumbs down his a$$ crack, he let out another moan just as I ran both thumbs down to his puckered a$$-hole. “What are you doing? We just met”. As my oiled thumbs came in contact with his rosebud, I felt his body start to push his hips down on my thumbs as they slipped in him. Then I continued to meet his invitation and continued to insert both thumbs in his a$$ as deep as they could go. “I’m sorry, do you want me to stop?” I asked as my thumbs gently spread his a$$-hole open. “Oh no, don’t you dare” he replied. I looked around with my thumbs in Danni’s a$$. The beach was still empty except for two horny girls laying in the sun in there bikini’s.

I turned Danni over and poured some oil on his bikini bottoms and massaged his c--k thru the glistening fabric. I got between his legs, ran my thumbs along each side of his balls and inserted both thumbs back in his quivering a$$. Now he was impaled on my hands. I felt his a$$ grip my thumbs as if he was pulling them deeper into him. His c--k hardened and I saw his purple throbbing c--k head stick out of the top of the bikini. I took one hand out of his a$$ and I wrapped my fingers around his engorged shaft, feeling the heat and excitement that was building up. He arched his hips and let out a low moan as his shaft slid between my fingers. I started to move my hand up and down his shaft letting my thumb penetrate him deeper. He started to match my strokes thrusting his pelvis in unison. I felt him shudder as his shaft erupted and the thick cream mixed with the hot oil. His body went limp on the towel. With one hand still in his a$$. I looked him in the eye and I brought my c_m covered fingers to my mouth and licked his c_m off of them. “I can get a room if you want” I said. he smiled at me, licked his lips, “ what are we waiting for”? And the fantasy continues.
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